Setting myself up for a ball

Three years ago, almost to the date, a complete stranger predicted that I would work for myself and it would be “sooner than you’d think.” At that time in my life I thought that it would be the twelfth of Never before I’d make the decision to become a freelancer, director of my own company, business-owner or anything else that didn’t start with a tour of an office and end in a P45.


Three years on and here I am setting up on my own and what’s more, for the foreseeable future, it’s on my terms. I’m taking on a select number of clients over the next twelve months, and I’m keen to work in sectors and with people that are unfamiliar to me (although I already have two brilliant projects in the arts sector working with people who I have connected with in the past). I’m interested in working within Scotland but also in other areas of the UK and internationally.

I’m also concentrating on two personal projects which I will be blogging about from time to time later this year and in to 2015.

I thought I’d be more nervous than I am although, don’t get me wrong, the nerves are there. With sixteen years experience inside me to draw from, I’ve suddenly become very aware that the skills, contacts, ideas, networks, passions, strengths and lessons learned are all mine. Wherever I work, whoever I work with and whatever I do, all of the amazing experiences and wonderfulness that is a career filled with success and laughter and learning and yes I’m going to say it, passion – all of it comes with me. The biggest surprise of all is that I am having a ball. Meeting new people, connecting with old colleagues (sorry, former NOT old) and realising just how much I have to give to sectors I thought I knew nothing about.

Three years ago I couldn’t see the bigger picture but now I would like to shake that stranger by the hand. Perhaps she planted the seed or perhaps she saw something in me that I couldn’t possibly see before I became a parent (there’s an awful lot of planning time during those midnight feeds). Three years ago it wouldn’t have been right. Now is the time.

This week I am most excited about 50:50 Parliament, the new project I am working on. Like any other worthwhile project I’ve worked on throughout my career, it’s inspiring me in many ways. More on that soon.

I’m currently looking for one – possibly two – more projects to complete my portfolio of clients for the next twelve months. Please get in touch for more information on how I can help you.





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